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8/18: ADC driver up and running. Also UDP peer has been revamped somewhat.

5/18: Revamped/detangled Ethernet bare-metal core. Includes a UDP app to Tx/Rx packets from the console or MMC. The makings of a tight little peer client.

2/18: Ethernet is up. Demo posted with TCP/UDP, http server and full FAT32 filesystem, plus DMA, IRQ, RTC, etc...

1/18: TCP packet Rx/Tx and HTTP server working!

12/17: The FAT32 port is released.

7/17: The FAT32 port is running. Handles 1GB+ files. Now working on the release.

5/17: Reading and writing files and directories on the MMC. The ELM-Chan full FAT32 filesystem port is underway. With DMA & interrupts.

11/16: UDP Packet Rx/Tx working. The bbb is now bare-metal-live on the internet! Be very afraid.

9/16: Physical link is up! DHCP negotiation successful, plus DMA & Cache. Thanks to Matthijs van Duin at (always a step ahead!) Ethernet/TCP/UDP driver demo is underway. The BareMetal summer-of-suffering is over!

3/16: Ethernet is a real big bitch of a job. I haven't given up. Is anyone familiar with light weight Internet Protocol [lwIP] by Adam Dunkels?

1/16: PWM driver up and running. Mother, a functional BareMetal core with all the modules (thusfar) is released. Now starting on the Ethernet driver.

12/15: I2C driver & demo working in poll mode (, very nice work). Ditto MMC driver (, major groundwork). Up next: revamp PWM. Any of you brave souls wanna go at USB or DMA? We got a headstart on them already.

11/15: UART driver & demo working under interrupt control. Need help with spurious IRQs. Also UARTs 1 to 5 getting clocks ok, but are still dead. Any takers? I gotta move on to MMC.

10/15: I got IRQ and RTC to work. (from github/auselen, many thanks, his code is very clear, a great resource for noobs.) Now I must go back and streamline the UART and MMC drivers, implement IRQ and scrunch them into a bootable demo program. If anyone is feeling intrepid, we need an ethernet driver.

09/15: Demo progs for UART, MMC, PWM, I2C & GPIO drivers (in CCS6). Currently busting my butt on interrupts. When I get them working, I will clean up the drivers and pull everything together.