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I need a small/fast/robust platform with plenty of I/O for mission critical realtime control & secure client/server applications. The job is humungous, so I am sharing it. Thereby saving others the suffrage I am going thru and maybe get some help along the way.

I chose ARM because there are 30G+ ARM devices today, there are many manufacturers and it has been around a long time. The ARM instruction set is relatively tidy and stable. And the ARM11 is furiously fast!

I chose the BeagleBone because it has respectable speed, huge I/O capability and a Technical Reference Manual. The doc is not terribly accurate or thorough, but it is good enough to get up and running, with the help of Starterware examples.

Everything is rewritten under GNU, which is much less problematic. The TI/CodeComposerStudio versions will remain on the forum.

If you are afraid of BareMetal, Assembly, C, embedded etc... DON'T BE. There are some fundamentals to learn up front, but the payback is huge. You will never be the same again. You will not learn this in school. Your technique and ability will go way beyond the norm. I will help you get started. I have been programming 30+ years, in industrial robots, telecom switching and avionics.

Why bother you ask? THERE IS NO OTHER WAY! O/S's are now more complicated than the h/w they are running on. And the large corporations will not ever change their culture. We can do it.

Impress your friends (if you have any) and be a hero/ubergeek. Plus you will have a FAST and SECURE platform for further hackjobs!

Even if you don't go low, rip it and use it, no strings attached.